Mount Kenya Climbing Safaris

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa.
It has three main peaks; Batian (5,199m), Nelion (5,188m) and Point Lenana (4,985m)
The 3 main hiking routes are:
• Sirimon route: The sirimon route is fit for every one, and mostly accessible for every one, and flowering plants are the giant Lobelia ,Groundsel which are the main mount Kenya floras, a number of wildlife are also found on this route.
• Chogoria route: mount Kenya chogoria route is on the east side of mount Kenya, and the most beautiful of all the routes, one would term it as the most magnificent route, driest route, and the route with the most lakes like, Lake ellis, Lake michaelson and lake allis
• Naromoru route: This route is rated as the moderately trafficked but with the most difficult terrain, it has some effects in its own, therefore it is less beautiful than than the 2 most hiking routes.

• Headlamp
• Walking pole(s)/
• Sleeping Bag,
• Gaiters: To keep mud, rocks, and snow out of your boots.
• Water purification: This is essential as water for drinking is taken directly from mountain streams.
• Hiking Boots: This is the most important item on the list. You’ll need a comfortable/waterproof pair of hiking boots which offer plenty of support. Make sure they are broken in before you get to Kilimanjaro/Mt. Kenya!
Other Check list (limit yourself)
• 1 set of thermal underwear (top & bottom)
• 1 sleeping bag (rating 0 C or four seasons)
• 1 warm jersey/sweater (wool)
• 1 sleeping pad/mat
• 1 pair of track suit top & bottom
• 1 light towel
• 1 polar fleece/down vest
• 1 pair of light loose fitting cotton trousers
• 1 waterproof jacket (with a hood) & pants
• 1 to 2 long sleeves shirts (cotton/wool)
• 4 pairs of thermal hiking socks
• 2 to 3 T-shirts/shirts
• 2 pairs of thermal socks liner
• 2 to 3 pairs of shorts (with pockets)
• 1 pair of hiking boots
• 1 wide brimmed hat / baseball cap
• 1 pair of sneakers/trainers/takkies
• 1 pair of warm heavy weight gloves/mittens
• 1 pair of gaiters
• 1 pair of light weight gloves (inner gloves)
• 1 bandana
• 1 pair of sunglasses/mountaineering glasses
• 1 balaclava
• 1 wool hat
• 1 warm scarf

NB: Make sure that your boots are waterproof

• 2 x 2 litres water bottles (camel bags preferably)
• 1 head lamp (plus spare batteries & bulb)
• 1 pair of walking/ski poles
• 1 pocket swiss army knife
• 2 – 3 packets of moist towelettes.
• 1 travel pillow (optional)
Personal Items & Toiletries:
US $ Travellers cheques, toothpaste & tooth brush, body lotion, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items. (Ladies, please carry some sanitary toiletries as being at high altitude may alter your cycle).
Photographic (optional):
• 1 camera (plus spare batteries),film & tripod stand,different lenses,
• 1 pair of binoculars,video camera,video tapes, battery packs.

3 Days Chogoria – Lake Ellis – Nithi Waterfalls

The 3 days hiking tour will lead you to mount Kenya, for those people who doesn’t have enough time and energy to do the highest summit of mount Kenya, the journey starts in Nairobi when our driver picks you up in Nairobi hotel at 7:30 o’clock.


Mout Kenya - Rutundu

4 Days Mount Kenya – Lake Rutundu 

Take 4 hours drive to the rich greens and slopes of Mt Kenya and after lunch further Drive to crater lake Rutundu using a 4 wheel drive car as the road is bumpy and rocky, the driving distance is 74km from Nanyuki town, Lake Rutundu is among the scenic lake in Mount Kenya at the altitude of 3100m…


4 Days Up Sirimon – Down Naromoru Route

Early in the morning pick up in Nairobi hotel drive to the Sirimon Park gate (8,700 ft 2650m). From the gate, we trek/hike up through the magnificent mount Kenya forest whereby in your lucky day of the hike you will be able to trace some of the animals like baboons


5 Days Up Sirimon Down Chogoria

After pick up in Nairobi, drive to Nanyuki town via shared transport arriving in time to go for lunch crossing the equator en route to the Sirimon Park gate (2660m). From the gate, we trek up thro magnificent montane forest, bamboo and giant heather zone…


6 Days Up Up Chogoria Down Sirimon Route

Nairobi – Chogoria Town
Pick up from your Nairobi Hotel at 8am and drive north to the highlands of Mount Kenya rich in tea and coffee to Chogoria town for lunch and afternoon leisure walk in the small town to acclimatize. Dinner and overnight at snow peak hotel chogoria.


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